Affiliate How to Earn money

  1. You can earn some money on the site through affiliate program.
  2. You will get paid for all downloads and sale premium access on your files.
  3. offers pay per download (PPD) at a rate that is as high as $40 per 1000 completed downloads.
  4. Incomplete downloads are paid at $20 per 1000 file.
  5. On future valid re-bills, you’ll receive a commission of up to 70-percent.
  6. Hitfile gives back 60 percent of every premium sale made using your file – the more sales are made, the more your income will be.
  7. When you refer a partner, you will get 10 percent of what is generated by the partner, and 2 percent generated by partners brought in by your partners. Use your referral link to enjoy these payments.
  8. When you copy and distribute files uploaded by other users, you’ll receive a 90 percent revenue. You’ll also be awarded 10 percent revenue on each copied file.
  9. If you have a website, you can distribute links using your website. You’ll receive a 5 percent commission on all premium accounts sold through your website, forum, or blog.
  10. The minimum payout is only $5, and you can withdraw money to Payza, Paypal, QIWI, and Yandex Money.